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Monday, January 10, 2011

Figurative Work

The main body of my work these days is figurative. I am very intrigued with us humans, I am constantly in awe of artists working in a similar approach, but even moreso by the variety out there. I find new and obscure artists doing work that is so beautiful.

I suppose our self awareness of our own appearance, our bodies, how we affect others is a subject that fascinates me. I'm personally not interested in obviously 'beautiful' people, by that I mean those that are considered overtly beautiful in our society. It's not that I'm not attracted like anyone else, I am, but rather I don't find that kind of person challenging enough to invest the time into. My preference is to find and draw out a uniqueness, a sometimes unselfconcious image from my subjects. When I am successful at this task I find we are all beautiful and my intention is to convey beauty my way.

Here are some artists I find very powerful in some way to me. Some are well known others are more obscure. Some are painters, or others may use other mediums to depict our humanity. In some way they are wonderful artists making me feel something, make me want to see more. I'm not bound by style, but by how I respond no matter how lovely, how terrible their images are. Sometimes it is in their application of materials, sometimes it is purely evocative. This is just a few, I have a lot of heroes and my favorites change all the time. I haven't included names, I'm sorry, but I'd rather you just get a feeling from a few marvelous artists and how they choose to show us their world.

I am always surprised when I am asked the question "Why would I choose to draw or paint people? I wouldn't want to hang a picture of that person in my home, why do that kind of work? Who is that person?" Maybe this will help a little, it seems to be universal how unique and wonderfully interesting we are, once you open yourself to seeing us a little differently than you are accustomed to seeing.

Why wouldn't I?

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