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Friday, March 4, 2011

As For Garden Hoses

photo credit: stephen W Oachs

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Beautiful photo, huh? Almost as good as the real thing, maybe? Leave well enough alone, I say, no need for me to paint such a pretty picture.

A Simple Hose. Taken for granted? Disregarded, maybe? Neglected and underappreciated, likely until needed to water the roses, certainly utilitarian. Humor me and reconsider our uncomely hose for a moment. What if I take this humble misbegotten instrument and give it a little different attention? Stretch your notion of beauty a little, let me play with this a bit.

Let the hose stretch a little. Tentative at first, give it a chance, give it a little confidence.

A little abstraction, with a little closer look consider the skin.

......sensuous even?

Just a simple hose, but in the right hands? My challenge is find a different kind of beauty, sunsets, roses, little house in the forest...they are just fine like they are, but I get off digging a little deeper.

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